Research Group Language, Human Cognition
and Educational Processes

Integrated lines & Research Objects

History: cycles of research

This group is a strictly academic collegiate of researchers and training scholars, dedicated to the area of Applied Linguistics to Reading and Literacy, under multidisciplinary approaches.
Centrally, integrate researches address the development of formal writing and reading in school practices, considering internal and socio-historical determinants of mental representation. Towards explanatory models of learning conditions in contexts of significant diversity and school failure, group researchers also enroll into efforts to the construction of paradigmatic basis for an autonomous area of Applied Linguistics to Reading and Literacy, properly as an academic field.
Coming from theoretical and applied linguistics, social psychology and psychology of human development, epistemology and anthropology, our theoretic framework leads to the development of critical mass qualified to analyse the complexity of determinant features on literacy / reading processes, and to provide consistent knowledge in coherence with current demands of Brazilian public educational systems, profoundly characterized by intercultural contacts and socio-economic differences.
Through our group, approximately 40 masters and doctors graduated and, since last triennium, investments have been made in the expansion of the number of researchers qualified for tuition, proportionally expanding the offer for formation in research, either through interinstitutional doctorates, post-doctoral fellowships and international cooperation for foreign graduate students.

Research cycle VII (2023-Current)
The subjective into inclusive education: Identity voices in school culture
The subjective dimensions of schools cognoscent subject and theoretic survey on identity factors concurrent to the subjectivation of universal rights to Education and Literacy.

Research Cycle VI (2018- 2022)
Cultures in contact throughout literacy and reading process
Representation and usage of structural and structuring properties of modern literate culture

Research Cycle V (2013-2017)
Culture and curriculum in the education of teachers for literacy and reading
The curricular experience in the education of teachers seeking new agents of literacy for inclusive education

Research Cycle IV (2009-2012)
Grammar Representation and Metaphoric Systems
Grammatical properties of texts produced along literacy process, analyzed within the concept of metaphoric systems

Research Cycle III (2003-2008)
Metaphor and Inclusive Education
The concept of metaphoric systems and its contribution to the analysis of mental representations through literacy

Research Cycle II (1999-2002)
Literacy and Educational Processes
The development of the conceptual basis of literacy as a complex phenomenon, as to achieve theoretic demands of education for social inclusion

Research Cycle I (1995-1998)
Language and Curricular Experience
The introduction of a multidisciplinary perspective in the analysis of grammar and text representation phenomena

Germinal Cycle (1988-1994)
Linguistic Description and Epistemology
The nature of the descriptive phenomenon and the origins of linguistic thought